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Ag Data Ownership & Control Webinar

The ADC has teamed with CropLife to host a webinar on ag data ownership and control Monday 13 November at 1:00 Central. A diverse group of experts on precision ag data will be discussing the complexities of ag data ownership and control. More and more data is being generated every day on the farm and it has value not only to farmers by better informing decisions to drive efficiency in their operations, but also to a growing list of companies and other organizations who have their own uses for the data.

The group will explain some of the issues facing the industry today and review some scenarios that may play out depending on who has access to which information. The discussion promises to be very interesting and will no doubt highlight the need for a neutral, independent data repository like the one the ADC provides.

Panel members include:

  • Don Bierman, CEO of Crop IMS and ADC vice-president, from the perspective of an ag service provider as well as how the ADC is helping growers take control of their data.
  • Larkin Martin, Alabama cotton, corn, soybean, and wheat farmer, an active user of multiple data sources in her operation.
  • Todd Janzen with the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator, providing his knowledge and legal perspectives.
  • Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University, relating experience within the university/extension area working with farmer data and its economic impacts.

If you are interested in hearing the discussion, register for the webinar today!

Ag Data Ownership & Control Webinar
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